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Phonics term one

Welcome Back!
We have revised our literacy program and included some new aspects. Of course, phonics plays the biggest role in literacy classes, but we have also included songs or stories and communication sections for each age group. Here is some information about "Jolly Phonics", the synthetic phonics method used in class to help the children learn to read and write in English.

Here is some information for parents about what we will be working on in the first term, and some links to activities and printable resources to use at home. 

3 year olds.
3 years term one
Online activities:


4 year olds.
4 year olds term one

Online activities:
Jolly phonics songs.
Starfall (initial sounds).
Tricky words
I'm so happy song
Walking in the jungle song
Yes I can! song
Tricky word bus
Blending bowl

Printable activities:
Long vowels: ai, ee, ie, oa,
Rhyming words

5 year olds
5 year olds term one

Online activities:
Tricky words
How many song
What colour song
Can I song
Have you got
I want

Printable activities:
Alternative spelling: a-e, ay, ea, ey, i-e, igh, ow, o-e, u-e.
Jake's Tale story, worksheets
Pete's sheep story, worksheets
Sky ride story, worksheets
Robot and Mr Mole story, worksheets
Dune Buggy story, worksheets

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