lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Australia Day

To celebrate Australia Day on the 26th of January, the children are learning a traditional song: "Waltzing Matilda".

And of course, the national anthem "Advance Australia Fair".

miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

Winter/peace 5 years

Welcome back! To start off the new year we will be talking about winter and peace, especially feelings and teamwork. Here are some activities to practice at home.
winter song
how are you
buddy song
cold song
sesame street
grover winter
feeling game
jakes tale
pete's sheep
fuzzy ears
sky ride

Winter/peace 4 years

I hope you all had a great holiday! The first unit this year is related to winter and peace. We will be learning about feelings and also reading "The owl babies". Here are some activities to practice at home.

Owl Babies
how are you
friend song
Winter song
10 owls
animal forest
big bird
grover winter games
tea party

Winter/peace 3 years

Welcome back! We are beginning the new year with the topics: winter and peace.
The three year olds will be reading "The ugly duckling" and begin to discuss feelings. Here are some activities you can practice at home.

5 little ducks
farm song
create a farm
feeling game
Winter games
elmo's ducks
Don't forget to practice the phonic songs!

martes, 16 de diciembre de 2014

solar system

The 5 year olds have been busy with the latest topic "The solar system".

This unit involved more speaking than previous ones, and they really enjoyed it. They spoke about colours and shapes with the blocks, counted stars on rockets and matched them to the numbers, designed aliens, looked for words on rockets in books, discovered many things by looking at information books and practised their writing skills.

They did a great job of using English in this unit. Well done!


lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2014


Here are some activities for the 5 year olds to practice over the holidays. Most activities are related to phonics, blending and "tricky words". Have fun!

phonic song
games 1
games 2

blending quiz
sight words
tricky word bus
dinosaur eggs
tricky word train


Here are some activities to practice over the holidays. Have fun :)

red red coat
6 boomers (1)
6 boomers (2)
12 days
xmas in oz

peppa pig
Jolly phonics