viernes, 22 de julio de 2016

Breakfast at the Atrio

This morning Ester and I went to the Atrio for breakfast. It was a gift from our 5 years olds and their very thoughtful parents.

We were both very nervious but quite excited!

A selfie at the entrance!

Out in the garden.

The orange juice was delicious! The coffee too.

Our first course: Fresh fruit and yogurt. AMAZING!

Second course: Migas. Very cute in the little bowl.

Then a ham sandwich (el jamón buenísimo!)

We also had some homemade pastries and bread, with delicious jam.

Then we had a caramel dessert. And we did another selfie :)

And a quick visit of the bodega. WOW!

The staff were amazing, always checking if we needed anything. The owner also came to speak with us to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. And we think there was a famous person next to us, but we have to research that further :) Then we were given a bag of sweets and biscuits and sent on our way. We had a fanastic time, the food, the place, the experience, but most importantly, good company.

A very big thank you to the parents for giving us this wonderful experience. We loved it!

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  1. Thanks for posting it. We hope enjoyed it, it does look very nice