sábado, 12 de marzo de 2016

project 5

The five year olds have really enjoyed learning about seas and oceans in English.

They loved writing about the ocean at the writing table, and using a magnifying glass to read non-fiction books at the science table (I think know they are beginning to realise you hold it near the page, not near your eye!)
At the maths table I was asked "como se dice mas en ingles?" to which I said "plus", the children then began saying "three plus four...seven, two plus two...five", they were not always correct but they were saying it COMPLETELY in English!
At the construction table they used a lot of "spanglish" to create pictures "pasame el fish, please" and at the creative table, they drew lots of sea creatures in their own oceans.
At the literacy table they made their own mini-books to take home, I think this was their favourite activity. They are really starting to use more English at the tables and the groups are working really well together. I'm really proud of them! Well done 5 year olds!

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