sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2015

5 school

The 5 year olds have been very busy adapting to the new way of working in English. They are working well in teams, and speaking lots of English at the tables. First, we sing songs and learn vocabulary on the carpet, then the teachers go and look to see which table they are going to. The teachers call their team members to the table and get all the materials they need (pencils, crayons, etc). Then they complete the activities. They speak lots of English, and then tidy up. When they are in the line ready to go, I ask the teachers 3 questions to see how their team was, and if they spoke English. If they worked well and spoke English, they get a sticker. Once they have 5 stickers they will get a prize. Here is a short video to show how well they have been working:

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