lunes, 6 de abril de 2015

School Assembly: Wombat stew

The four year olds have been learning the story "Wombat stew" as part of the school project: Continents. The story is about a naughty dingo who wants to cook a wombat for his dinner, but some animals come to help.

For the assembly, some children acted out the story in the library for the students in year one and two. Due to the fact I was in Madrid on Monday and Tuesday attending a course "Phonics for Infants", we were unable to rehearse beforehand, for this reason, we decided to invite only students and record the children acting out the story.

As usual, the children were fantastic and needed very little prompting. A huge thank you to Marta and Ester, the students working with the 4 year olds who helped prepare the props, record the plays and practised with the children. And thank you Concha for uploading the videos! Here they are:

Group one: Agueda (Dingo), Abril (Wombat), Alvaro (platypus), Daniel V, (Lizard), Liam (Echidna), Alejandra (Koala) and Nagore (Emu).

Group two: Claudia (Wombat), Marina (Dingo), Erik (Echidna), Pablo (Kangaroo), Maria (Emu), Sofia (Koala), Marcos (Platypus), Victor (Lizard).

Group three: Juan Carlos (Wombat), Jimena (Dingo), Ariadna (Emu), Daniel G (Platypus), David (Koala), Cristina (Kangaroo), Carlos Manuel (Echidna), Guillermo (Lizard).

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