martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014

bear hunt 5

The 5 year olds have been busy with the topic of Autumn, clothes, weather and "Going on a bear hunt".

It is a bit of a revision unit, designed to give the children the option to recycle known vocabulary in different situations. They are getting much better at producing spoken and written English, and I am slowly becoming stricter with them. To get a sticker, they need to work well at the activity centres, as a team and of course SPEAK ENGLISH. Some groups were "cheating" and just singing songs at the tables.

I now encourage them to try and have conversations to complete the tasks, using as much English as possible. They are using a lot of classroom language, such as "rubber teacher please", "green please", "thank you" (to be honest they are very polite!) and using the worksheets and flashcards to remind them of vocabulary, they are able to produce a lot of "Spanglish", which is fantastic!

The next few units will slowly move away from using worksheets in order for the children to produce more spoken English, and improve reading skills.

I'm sorry it has taken so long to publish these photos, but we have been very busy!


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