lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013

Class routines.

Class routines are important because they allow for the children to predict what will happen next, and what is expected of them in class.
We always start by sitting on the mat with our legs crossed.
"Sit down and cross your legs".

Then we sing the "Hello song".
We complete the calendar by asking
"What day is it today?"  "Today is..."
"What number is today?"   " 1, 2, 3 etc"
"What month is it?"   "It is ...".

The five year olds also read 5 "tricky words" which are words that can't be said phonetically, and need to be learnt by memory (the, to, he, she etc).

Then we read a story, sing a song, play a game or activity related to the current topic. Sometimes we play the games on the blog.

After this, we go to the tables. Each child (3 and 4 years) has a set space with their photo and name. This helps them write their name on the worksheet. The 5 year olds rotate to different activity centres in their groups.

Once at the tables "hands on heads" to listen to the instructions. The traffic light needs to stay green if the children want stickers!

When it is time to "Tidy up", the children put their worksheets in the correct tray, and put away pencils and crayons. They push the chairs in and get in a line. Once this is done, the children who have followed instructions correctly get a sticker.

Have a look at our classroom!

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